Starting Reaper

The preferred way of running Reaper is to make it a service, which is the default for debian and RPM packaged installations. It can also be started from the command line for tarball/source installs, in two different ways:

  • by invoking src/packaging/bin/cassandra-reaper
  • by running java -jar <path/to/cassandra-reaper-X.X.X.jar> server <path/to/cassandra-reaper.yaml>

Schema migrations

Schema migrations are executed on startup and assume that the database/keyspace already exists. Reaper can run in schema migration mode only, exiting right after the database schema was upgraded, by running the following command:

java -jar <path/to/cassandra-reaper-X.X.X.jar> schema-migration <path/to/cassandra-reaper.yaml>

Using Reaper

This section discusses the normal usage of Reaper on a day to day basis.

Reaper includes a community-driven web interface that can be accessed at:


The web interface provides the ability to: