Welcome to the Reaper for Apache Cassandra documentation!


Reaper is an open source tool that aims to schedule and orchestrate repairs of Apache Cassandra clusters.

It improves the existing nodetool repair process by:

  • Splitting repair jobs into smaller tunable segments.
  • Handling back-pressure through monitoring running repairs and pending compactions.
  • Adding ability to pause or cancel repairs and track progress precisely.

Reaper ships with a REST API, a command line tool and a web UI.

This documentation includes instructions on how build, install, and configure Reaper correctly.


Reaper supports all versions of Apache Cassandra ranging from 1.2 to the latest release. Incremental repair is supported for versions from 2.1 and above.

A single instance of Reaper can handle repairs for clusters running different Apache Cassandra versions.

Download and Installation

Head over to the Downloads section to download the version of Reaper that is compatible with your system.