Reaper for Apache Cassandra can be used with either an ephemeral memory storage or persistent database. For persistent scalable database storage, a Cassandra cluster can be set up to back Reaper. To use a Cassandra cluster as the backed storage for Reaper set storageType to a value of cassandra in the Reaper configuration file. Astra can also be used as storage backend by setting storageType to a value of astra. With purge settings tuned appropriately, Reaper’s workload should fit perfectly into the free tier of Astra.

Further information on the available storage options is provided in the following section.

Sample YAML files are available in the src/packaging/resource directory for each of the above storage options:

  • cassandra-reaper-memory.yaml
  • cassandra-reaper-cassandra.yaml
  • cassandra-reaper-astra.yaml

For configuring other aspects of the service, see the available configuration options in the Configuration Reference.