Downloads and Installation

The current stable version is 0.6.2 :

The latest beta version is 0.7.0-beta-25082017 :

For a docker image, please see the Docker section.

Building Packages

Debian and RPM packages can be built from this project using Make, for example:

make deb
make rpm


A Docker build environment is also provided in the src/packaging directory to build the entire project and can be run by using Docker Compose:

docker-compose -f docker-build/docker-compose.yml build \
    && docker-compose -f docker-build/docker-compose.yml run build

The final packages will be located within:

## Building from source

The easiest way to build is to use the following make command:

make package

To build Reaper without rebuilding the UI, run the following command :

mvn clean package

To only regenerate the UI (requires npm and bower) :

mvn generate-sources

To rebuild both the UI and Reaper :

mvn clean package

To build the docker image :

mvn clean package docker:build

Running Reaper

After modifying the resource/cassandra-reaper.yaml config file, Reaper can be started using the following command line :

java -jar target/cassandra-reaper-X.X.X.jar server resource/cassandra-reaper.yaml

Once started, the UI can be accessed through :

Reaper can also be accessed using the REST API exposed on port 8080, or using the command line tool bin/spreaper

Install RPM or DEB package and run as a service

Install the RPM (Fedora based distros like RHEL or Centos) using : sudo rpm -ivh reaper-*.*.*.x86_64.rpm
Install the DEB (Debian based distros like Ubuntu) using : sudo dpkg -i reaper_*.*.*_amd64.deb

The yaml file used by the service is located at /etc/cassandra-reaper/cassandra-reaper.yaml and alternate config templates can be found under /etc/cassandra-reaper/configs. It is recommended to create a new file with your specific configuration and symlink it as /etc/cassandra-reaper/cassandra-reaper.yaml to avoid your configuration from being overwritten during upgrades.
Adapt the config file to suit your setup and then run sudo service cassandra-reaper start.

Log files can be found at /var/log/cassandra-reaper.log and /var/log/cassandra-reaper.err.

Stop the service by running : sudo service cassandra-reaper stop